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Attorney Fees

Attorney Fees

Attorney’s fees are determined by mutual consultation with client/s based on the Fee Standard of our law office. The engagement letter is made officially after the mutual agreement on the attorney’s fees.
Followings are some examples of our standard. (Consumption Tax is added to the amount.)

Consultation Fee

Starting at JPY5,000 for 30 minutes
(In case of business operator or employer, starting at JPY10,000 for 30 minutes)

Ordinal Civil Case

Amount of economic interest Retainer Contingency Fee
Not more than JPY3million 8%* 16%
More than JPY3million
Not more than JPY30million
5%+JPY90,000- 10%+JPY180,000-
More than JPY3million
Not more than JPY300million
3%+JPY690,000- 6%+JPY1,380,000-
More than JPY300million 2%+JPY3,690,000- 4%+JPY7,380,000-
*Minimum Retainer is JPY100,000-

Divorce (negotiation)

Retainer and Contingency Fee: Starting at JPY200,000 each

Time Charge

Starting at JPY20,000 for 1 hour

Above-mentioned is just example of the standard. Please contact us if anything unclear.

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